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Our office is a specialized institution for sandplay therapy in Chiyoda-city, Tokyo.

Sandplay therapy is a play where you can put various things in a wooden box containing sand and enjoy the feel of the sand. It’s like playing in the sand on the beach.

Our office uses a technique called “meditation sandplay therapy,” which combines sandplay therapy and meditation.

The therapist never sees the client’s work-making process. In addition, we do not analyze or interpret the finished work at all. Clients can immerse themselves in sandplay therapy and play naturally.

By playing without thinking, the natural healing power of a person is activated, not only the problem is improved, but also the natural vitality is felt.

It is especially recommended for those who think too much, such as “I have to do it”.

I’m not good at English. However, no words are needed for this treatment. 

We are part of nature. Therefore, I think that meditation sandplay therapy can be performed regardless of language, country, race, or religion.

It is intended not only for those who are currently in trouble, but also for those who want to prevent physical and mental disorders and exert their strengths.

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* This office is a complete reservation system. Please be sure to make a reservation by the day before.